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Accelerate Maryland Partners

Investing in Maryland’s infrastructure & our community
AM Partners is led jointly by Transurban and Macquarie Capital as Lead Project Developer and Equity Members. Transurban and Macquarie Capital are international leaders in developing and delivering P3s, having worked on more than 90 successful P3 projects.

The AM Partners consortium includes the design expertise of Dewberry and Stantec, Inc. and exclusive Maryland based subconsultants Soltesz Inc., Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani, LLC, STV Incorporated and Floura Teeter Landscape Architects.

The team also highlights a focus on the integration of the latest technology, including digital, connected and autonomous mobility solutions, into Maryland’s New American Legion Bridge I-270 Traffic Relief Plan.

AM Partners expects to design and build a future-ready road, leveraging digital innovative partners including Cavnue, founded by Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners, LLC (SIP), as well as Via, a global leader in TransitTech.
Transurban is one of the world’s largest project developers and operators, and the leading developer of innovative dynamic tolling and traffic management systems. Everything Transurban does is to get people where they want to go, as quickly and safely as possible—from designing and building new roads to researching new vehicle and road safety technology. 
Macquarie Capital is one of the world’s largest P3 developers, infrastructure equity sponsors and financial advisors with unparalleled experience in successfully applying a holistic and collaborative approach to developing large and complex infrastructure projects with an integrated team of both technical and financing experts.

Bringing together the best in the industry.

Archer Western Construction

Archer Western Construction supports Transurban and Macquarie as Lead Contractor. Archer Western is an experienced highway builder and has mobilized its local team to help develop the project.

As the nation’s largest bridge builder, the largest design-builder in the southeast and the 4th largest highway contractor in the nation (according to ENR), Archer Western brings a large pool of local resources, structural capabilities and experience managing and constructing high-profile managed lane projects along interstate urban highway corridors. Archer Western, as part of The Walsh Construction Group, benefits from shared common resources like industry-leading project managers, in-house dedicated estimating, a $450M equipment fleet, and over 500 self-performing craft workers regionally specializing in grading, drainage, foundation and concrete scopes throughout the US.

Dewberry Engineers and
Stantec Consulting

Dewberry Engineers and Stantec Consulting Services will serve as the Designer. They both have local presence and experience, as well as a track record of innovation in defining design and engineering solution for large and complex projects. The Designer has secured the exclusive support from a pool of expert local design and engineering advisors. Collectively, the design team has over 47 offices and more than 1,850 personnel throughout the Greater Washington Region (“GWR”).

Our Designer, Dewberry and Stantec, will bring their extensive design, local permitting expertise (SHA PRD and MDE), and knowledge of the corridor to ensure our team develops a tailored, innovative and sustainable design solution. Dewberry, leading the designer team, is headquartered in Fairfax, VA, and is a leading local professional engineering firm with more than 100 Design-Build and P3 projects valued at $10B throughout the US, including 60 major transportation Design-Build projects for MDOT, VDOT, and other local governmental agencies to date. Dewberry has more than 50 locations and 2,200 professionals nationwide, including offices in Baltimore, Lanham, Rockville, and Frederick


The experience to get it done

495 Express Lanes &
Northern Extension

Among the First High Occupancy Toll “HOT” lanes projects in the nation.

Learn more about project

95 Express Lanes

Features all-electronic tolling, a dynamic pricing system, dedicated incident response, and a high-tech 24/7 operations center.

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395 Express Lanes

Relieved congestion and improved round-trip commuting time by 38 minutes for Express Lanes commuters during peak periods.

Learn more about project

Elizabeth River Tunnels

Doubled capacity of one of the tunnels reducing travel time by 30 minutes and rehabilitated the existing three tunnels existing their useful life by 50+ years.

Learn more about project

A9 Badhoevedorp-Holendrecht

Achieved an energy neutral road by using solar panels to power the bridge and traffic management system.

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Soil excavated for the tunnel was reused to rejuvenate the abandoned Hornsby Quarry into a park for the community to enjoy for generations to come.

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Luke Stevens, CEO

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